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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5th, 2013

Bio 2, 3, 5 Hours

     Today students are making presentation over the use of Delphastus to control whitefly populations in our greenhouse. After observing 2nd hour presentations, I have decided to put them on the blog so others may see our students works. It was a great learning process I felt like the students did a nice job of getting the information out.

Delphastus Presentations

1st Hour Presentation

Caleb K, Stephanie M., Tristyn G & Dalton B. 

Kylie S. Brett R., Zach G. & Maria S.

3rd Hour Presentations

Erica A., Kristina L., Makenzie O., Charles P.

J. Stewart, C. Watson, S. Adams -

J. McLain, L. Richardson, B. Forkner, N. Armstrong

5th Hour Presentations

B. Allen, T. Burton, E. Cunningham, T. Medina

J. Skerce, J. Terry, M. Murphy, K. Masters

P. Lerner, D. Steele, L. Kottong, B. Connard

N. Hawkins, T. Garrett, S. Splechta, CJ. Brammer, T. Langvardt

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